Zoe’s Box of Chocolates: Week 4

Zoe's Current Litter (Week 4)

This week was pretty fun. I moved the puppies into a slightly larger crate and set up a potty pad and play pen. I also got them their own little floof bed, which is something I’ve never done for a whole litter before. Usually I just lay towels down in their crate… they’re not picky and they’re easy to wash. But once I put the bed in they were obviously in baby puppy heaven. It’s the cutest thing and I can’t believe I’ve never done that before. It’s worth the extra little bit of laundry. I’m definitely pre-spoiling this litter, sorry guys. 😉

What I said about their teeth is coming true, Ghirardelli and Andy have mouths full and everyone else is cutting like crazy. I’ll start with their first meal tomorrow and post a video on my YouTube channel for those who would like to see it. I always enjoy watching them eat. It’s super cute especially in the beginning as they realize how yummy their new world of mush truly is.

I’m so happy this week has been more relaxed than last week was. Zoe especially has enjoyed the peace and quiet. She has a tendency to be overprotective and gets anxious when there’s something out of place.

I’ve set two appointments for families to come see the puppies, and I’m happy to set more for you to come meet your puppies over the next few weeks if you’d like! Just get in touch with me directly.

A quick thing to note: it’s not just the camera angle. At four weeks old the puppies’ heads are genuinely larger in proportion to their bodies than seems natural. It can be a frustrating age to capture in a picture, and their cutest position is on their backs at the moment. But they’re SO curious and love to move and sniff and explore! They’ll grow into their heads much like babies do. 🙂

Fresh pictures will soon be up here and in your puppy albums if they aren’t already. I’m posting this early today because we have a fun day planned for one of my siblings’ birthdays. Have a great week guys!