Zoe’s Box of Chocolates: Week 3

Zoe's Current Litter (Week 3)

This week has been a big one for me, but thankfully the puppies are still young enough that not much phases them yet. 😉 Last Friday my bathroom toilet overflowed and the not-so-pleasant smelling pool of water extended far into the rest of my room. The problem was way bigger than just my bathroom, and we ended up having to stop using water in the entire house for a week while we waited for the plumber to fit us into his schedule. I’ll spare you more details, but the great flood of Feb 2021 got underneath the laminate flooring in my room. My brother and I worked together to pull 99% of it up and it’s been laying outside to dry for a few days. Thankfully the puppies’ bed was in the opposite corner of my room and the water never touched them.

Right now both my bed and the puppy bed are back to back in the center of my room along with two running dehumidifiers. I’m in a bit of a rush to get the flooring back in and back to normal, because the puppies are definitely going to start walking this week! I’d love to be able to get it all back in today.

All the puppies’ eyes are open now, and I can tell they can hear when I’m talking to them, too. They perk up and start squirming around when I get close. They’re holding their heads up and already looking up into our faces. One of my favorite Havanese traits is that they seek out your eyes to try and read what you’re feeling. It starts at such a young age and it’s so adorable.

Their colors are starting to grow out more and more. Lindt (his new name is Oliver, his family named him after his daddy!) is getting super cute tan eyebrows. Trilby is growing more and more chocolate on her head and front legs. Ghirardelli is growing out more silver, and Finnley is lightening up too. Andy has the cutest little tan goggles, Hershey and Stella’s eyes are a beautiful light blue, and their chocolate brown is super shiny.

The puppies are “gumming” everything, and I’ll start giving them toys this week. For now they’re content with my fingers, their legs, or each other’s ears, but in about a week teeth are going to start happening… and nobody appreciates teeth more than a good squeaky toy.

I hope you each have a great week! I’m going to go lay floor now. 😉