If you’ve gotten a puppy from me, I’d love to hear about your experience! Heaven sent! “We were so fortunate to get our little girl, Trilby Bleu, from Zoe and Oliver’s February 2021 litter “Box of Chocolates”. We had lost our precious JonZey in September 2020 and I knew I wanted another dog. I researched this breed and was so thankful to be put on Hadassah’s puppy list for this litter. From start to finish it has been the most pleasant experience. We were kept up to date weekly and was so excited to finally get to take her home. Trilby is now 8 1/2 months old and she has been a dream come true. Our vet describes her as “one fine puppy”! She is perfect. The experience dealing with Hadassah was perfect! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We could not be more in love! We highly recommend New Song Havanese❤️ “

Reviewer: Ann Borgialli, October 30, 2021

“My puppy is 6 months old tomorrow and absolutely precious. He is smart, playful, loving, loyal, adorable. I have never had such a wonderful experience with any thing else before as with this adoption. NewSongHavanese is honest, professional, caring, and kept us informed from the beginning (saw him feeding, his first steps, opening his eyes, playing )up to date of pick-up.
My praises to her for being who she is. Thank you for giving our family our newest member.  DJKOBE is loved beyond words.”

Reviewer: Dyanne, February 16, 2021 Great experience! We had bought from a breeder in the past, but the experience with Hadassah was MUCH more positive. Her holistic approach and the socialization that our puppy received at New Song made the transition to our home and our other dog very positive. Lola is a very active, mischievous, loving puppy; we would recommend New Song to anyone looking for this loving breed.

Reviewer: Duane, January 28, 2020 I just want to brag on my new little addition to the family as well as brag on Hadassah. My puppy started out as Bella, then I changed her name to Blessed but after living with her a week decided she should be called Peanut. If I had to describe her in one word I would call her brave. I give Hadassah all the credit for that quality. Peanut not only came to a new home, new owner but also a new big sister. She blended with all of it immediately as if she had been living with us since she was born. Her big sister is a 70 pound rescue mix female who was thrust into the role of gently teaching a new puppy proper behavior. Peanut doesn’t blink an eye to their size difference as if it just does not matter. The look in peanut’s eyes tell you she adores not only the fact that she has another canine in the family but that she adores her big sister. Actually that goes both ways, the older dog seems like she couldn’t be happier. They play until their exhausted and again I give all the credit to Hadassah and to how well socialized her puppies are. My little gem is courageous, very loving, cuddly, well balanced, smart, healthy and so sweet. Who could ask for more. Hadassah you did such a good job raising these puppies. Out of a 10 I would give you a 20. 👏👍

Reviewer: Deborah, May 16, 2019 Thank you Hadassah for our Kokomo, for answering all our questions and our visits with Kokomo while we waited for him to be able to come home with us. We are very pleased with our puppy. He is a very good lovable puppy and is learning fast. He already knows the command to sit but the wait is a work in progress. He will sit and wait to get out of his pen till I tell him to come. If only potty training was as easy. If you are looking for a havanese puppy I highly recommend getting one from Hadassah. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewer: Cecilia, April 21, 2019 The perfect addition to our family!
I had been searching for months for the perfect Havanese puppy at a reasonable price. I was blessed to find New Song Havanese and Hadassah.. After communicating with her I had such a peace and did not worry that I was not going to get exactly what I wanted. Not only did she deliver the cutest puppy (boy is she a spit fire) but she had every detail that you can imagine.

Thank you Hadassah for the new addition to our family. She has already given us so much JOY!

Reviewer: Rachel, April 14, 2019 Hadassah: I want to thank you for all the time you spent with my sister and myself yesterday. You were very open in answering all my questions and explaining your approach to breeding and caring for the puppies. You were also helpful in listening to what was important to me in a puppy and then helping me to organize those thoughts when trying to pick between the available pups. It’s so hard to make such an instant decision that will last the life of the dog and I gratefully appreciate all your help because I was able to realize that Bella was the one I was looking for. Now all I have to do is make it through the next four weeks when I can truly make her mine. You’re young but do an incredible job. Thank you again for your time and help. I feel very satisfied with my final choice. Good luck with placing the remaining pups. Sincerely, Deborah

Reviewer: Deborah, April 1, 2019 Our sweet little Keturah turned a year old today! We love our Havanese so much!! She is so smart and was very easy to potty train. She fits into our family so well! I would recommend Hadassah’s puppies to anyone looking to add a Havanese to their family. Thank you so much for our adorable little picklehead!!

Reviewer: Emma, March 18, 2019 I helped my eldest daughter who lives out of state purchase a puppy from New Song Havanese. I picked her up yesterday, and this puppy is the most peaceful, sweet, loving puppy I’ve ever had, not to mention adorable. She has clearly been very loved. Hadassah is a sweet young lady who takes excellent care as a puppy mommy! ♡

Reviewer: Cindy, May 29 2018 I wanted to get a puppy, but was unable to get one at this time. New song continued to correspond with me and send pictures. Very nice and thoughtful!

Reviewer: Kim, May 16, 2018 I would like everyone to know how wonderful it has been doing business with New Song Havanese and Hadassah Schminke. My sister and I traveled across the country to get our little Desi and he is perfect. The whole transaction from beginning to going home has gone perfectly. Thank you so much Hadassah.

Reviewer: Diane, May 20, 2018 Great experience!The purchase of our sweet little puppie from Hadassah of [New Song] Havanese was a wonderful experience. He is playful and cuddly when tired. From a former breeder’s perspective it is very obvious she did a good job of socializing him with people of all ages and other animals. Everyday has increased my appreciation for Hadassah as a breeder and a trainer. It was a pretty painless transition as raising puppies go. All the small pre-training things she has done has made this process so easy. Follow up questions were answered quickly and were very helpful. Keep up your excellent work! Thank you!

Reviewer: Linda, June 16, 2017 Wonderful experience! My experience has been extremely good during the process of buying my puppy from [New Song] Havanese. She has been very easy to communicate with, answers any questions very quickly, and I appreciated the opportunity to actually come to her home and meet the parents and other siblings of my puppy. I agree with her philosophy on puppy vaccinations as well as her philosophy on not shipping puppies. This was really key in my selection of this breeder as she is very concerned with the well being of the puppies! I would recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a wonderful Havanese puppy that will come from a loving home and will be socialized with animals as well as people. 5 Stars!!

Reviewer: Debra, June 15, 2017 Wonderful experience. Our experience with this breeder was phenomenal. She was considerate, gracious and helpful. The puppy was exactly what we expected as far as appearance and personality. We could not be more pleased. We would definitely buy from her again.

Reviewer: Ivy, August 22, 2016