Zoe’s Litter: Sneak Peak

Wow. The last 18 hours have been exciting and beautiful yet have also had some heart-wrenching moments. Through Zoe’s birth process I’ve come away with a renewed sense of how precious and delicate newborn life is. Zoe was up (and kept me up!) most of last night with her restlessness. True labor didn’t start until about 9 this morning though, and throughout the morning and afternoon she had 8 beautifully unique puppies. All were noisy, healthy, and strong except for one tiny charcoal-gray female. The other puppies in the litter ranged from 5-8 ounces each, but this little girl weighed only 1.5 ounces and didn’t live to be more than two hours old. In three litters this is my first puppy not to make it, and it was certainly a tearful experience. I am, however; extremely proud of and grateful for Zoe who delivered her litter smoothly and is of course being a good and protective mother now. I’ll post pictures of these beauties in just a few days.
On another note, Daisy’s litter is one week old today! She is back to her old self and I can tell she’s missed being the life of the party because she keeps popping out of her room for a few minutes at a time for extra petting and attention!


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