Zoe’s Box Of Chocolates!

Zoe had a beautiful litter of 7 puppies last Sunday. A few people have asked that I do my puppy diary series again for this litter, and I will, though this time I’ll do more of a weekly update vs. a daily diary.

A couple of days ago you all got an email from me saying I had a new blog post when in fact there was none. [facepalm] Very sorry, please forgive. My last email program was being picky about who it alerted when I posted, so I just switched to a different program. The email you got was a part of the setup process that I failed to avoid. Shouldn’t happen again!

Back to the part we’re all here for…

Zoe went into labor on Saturday night last week and kept jumping on and off of my bed as she progressed. It was so sweet, she knows where to have her puppies (she’s done this before!) and I had her bed all set up. But it wasn’t until I got up and went to her bed, patted it, and said “lay down” that she went in to stay.

She had her first puppy at about 6:30 am and finished a little before noon. I was able to stay with her the whole time and each puppy was born smoothly!

I spent the first day googling “cute chocolate brand names” while Zoe bonded with her puppies. The rest of the week I got to communicate with my awesome puppy families as they chose which puppies would be theirs. I’m super happy about this litter and the families they’re going home to. All of you have/have had Havanese in the past and four of you currently have siblings of the current litter. I just want you all to know how much it means to me that you you love your puppies so much to come back for another! πŸ™‚

The first week is always the calmest, so there’s not much to report. They’ve stayed warm, dry, and very plump during this strange TN cold snap, and I’m very thankful for that. The puppies are growing almost an entire ounce a day, so they’ve doubled from about 4-6 oz when born to 8-11 oz today. Zoe’s eating like crazy to keep up with them, and the family and I are feeding her extra table scraps she wouldn’t normally get. πŸ˜‰ The moment someone says “special treat, Zoe?” she’s all ears and it’s pretty darn cute. I’ve been nervous about how her body would handle this litter because she’s had quite a few, but she’s actually the strongest and sleekest she’s ever been this soon after a birth, so I’m super proud of her.

Every Sunday I’ll take pictures of the puppies and add to an album of cuteness for each of my puppy families, along with a blogpost/newsletter about how their week went. They’ll be ten weeks old on April 25, so mark your calendars!

Zoe's Current Litter (First Week)

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  1. We are so excited about adding Lindit to our Havi family. We are deciding on a name…we originally chose Dior and now thinking Oliver like his daddy. We will let you know as soon as we decide. They are all so precious. Xoxo The Prow’s.

    1. That’s awesome. I love both names! Oliver’s full name is Oliver Wendell Douglass, but he usually goes by Fuzz. πŸ˜‰

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