Zoe’s Box of Chocolates: Week 8

Zoe's Current Litter (Week 8)

Week eight, say what!? How are we eight weeks old already? I am really happy I’ve been getting to write a weekly update about the puppies, because it makes me slow down and really pay attention to how they grow and change from week to week.

Last Sunday I noted how I was teaching them to follow me down up the driveway to their outside playpen, and how they were still timid about the idea. Now, seven days later, they tear out of the house like a bunch of crazies and chase me all the way up the driveway. They really appreciate their freedom, so getting them into the playpen is another matter. They much prefer our little playground that’s meant for kids, there’s more places for hide-and-seek. I like to sit outside and watch them tumble and chase each other around. Every couple of minutes I count them to make sure we’re all still present, and most of the time come up with either six or eight.

Now that Zoe’s mostly “dried up” the puppies aren’t trying to nurse on her every second. It’s sweet to see her come out and play with them and watch her teach them the standard Havi Zoomie. They’re learning from a pro!

Awesome news, we have firm, healthy stools all the way around! I’m especially happy about this as the cleanup crew, and call my puppies “super duper poopers” on a regular basis.

Have an awesome week, y’all. We’re entering the window to officially start counting the days!