Zoe’s Box of Chocolates: Week 5

Happy spring, everyone!

Before I jump into puppies I’m super happy to announce something that happened yesterday morning: my brother proposed marriage to his girlfriend and she said yes! She’s absolutely amazing and loves the puppies so I’m pretty okay with the whole thing. 🙂

The puppies grew up SO much this week. As I’m uploading pictures I can see 4 and 5 weeks side by side and they’re so much more fluffy and and sure of themselves. They’re playing and roughhousing like crazy which is improving their balance and sense of space and security.

They’ve been eating solid (but wetted) food for a week now, and I just bumped them up to two meals per day. Zoe is starting to wean them for real; she only nursed them twice yesterday! They are huge fans of the food though, and every time I turn around there’s more little poopies to clean up that prove they’re full and happy.

I found a way to bribe them into being still for pictures this week… fluff! Stella was so happy she zonked out immediately. 😉 Sadie (Ghirardelli) was more excited about exploring greener grass but I think I still got some good ones of her too.

Zoe's Current Litter (Week 5)

Speaking of greener grass, the weather is getting super nice and I can’t wait to let them play outside. They might even get to be outside for a puppy family visit I have this afternoon… we’ll see how warm it gets.

I can already tell next weekend will be a full one for us. We’ll have company staying over (you guessed it, the fiancée and her family) and I’m looking forward to spending time with them as well as getting in extra puppy socializing. If it’s okay with you all, I’m planning on taking pictures and writing up a blog post on *Monday* of next week.

Until then (or until I see a few of you in person ;-))