Zoe’s Box of Chocolates: Week 2

Zoe's Current Litter (Week 2)

The puppies’ eyes are starting to open! Lindt, Ghirardelli, Andy, and Finnley are all “awake” and I’m expecting Trilby, Hershey, and Stella to follow suite today or tomorrow. They are also starting to hold their little heads up and look around which is really cute. They’ll find their legs this week and start spilling out of the crate, which is always fun. 😉 Already we’ve found a couple puppies who have rolled out and didn’t know how to get back into their bed alone. They sure let us know!

Zoe’s still doing very well, and these puppies are FAT. One of my friends said the other night “Even their rolls have rolls, Dassah!” Surprisingly, (because of how much the puppies are eating) Zoe gave me a mastitis scare earlier this week. We noticed a few of her teats weren’t expressing evenly and she was warm and panting more than usual. My mom understands how to use homeopathy and was able to treat Zoe about 24 hours after we noticed it, and it cleared up completely the next day. It was a relief not to have to make a vet visit! She was such a trooper through the whole thing.

The puppies live with me in my bedroom, which at the moment is also a recording studio because I’m very much into making music. The other day I was laying down some guitar tracks into a microphone while the puppies were sleeping. All was going smoothly until the very end of the track (you know that feel-good ending of a song when the instruments fade off into blessed silence…) one of the puppies started dream-squeaking. I should keep the next track that happens in so I can play it for you guys, because it was pretty cute in context. 😉 These quiet times of sleepy puppyhood will be very soon replaced by rambunctious playtime, so I’m content with snatching the little spaces of quiet I have now.

Just a reminder to my puppy families that I’ve updated your photo albums this morning with two week pictures. Let me know if you need me to resend the link and I’d be happy to.

I hope this next week is a blessed one for all of you! Until week three,