Puppy Portraits

As the time draws nearer to my 2018 puppies going home I wanted to make sure I had a few sweet mementos of their babyhood. I am really excited about what DreamJar Photography helped me out with this week!

Daisy and Oliver's Litter 2018
Sergent Ranger 9 wks
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Zoe and Oliver's Litter Spring 2018
Toddy 8 wks
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6 thoughts on “Puppy Portraits”

  1. Hey Hadassah, its Cynthia. We snuck in a FL trip before Maggie comes home. Just checking on her?? Can’t wait to meet her!!
    My cell is 5735788585

    1. Hey Cynthia! I’m sorry I didn’t see this until now. I didn’t have great access to my site or email on our trip, so I’m glad you texted me. 😉 I hope Maggie’s adjusting well!

    1. Good morning, Jack. I am so sorry I didn’t see this until now! I deleted my NSH ‘profile’, just to simplify things on my end a little. My *page* New Song Havanese is still alive and well though! Make sure you like the page, and then it is open for you to post updates to. Another way to tag me is to put an @ symbol before my page name in the body of your post. 🙂 I know it will take some getting used to, sorry about that. 🙁 I’d LOVE to see updates on her though!! Please keep me posted! 🙂 ~Hadassah

    1. Aww… you poor deprived thing. 🙁 😉
      There’s a purple button at the top right of my homepage (under the header image) that says “Facebook”. That button should take you to my fb page, and I’ll make sure to update there, though probably not as often as when I had twelve puppies running around. 😉 Let me know if the button works for you or not! Check out the Pontiff’s puppy pool party…
      I’m hoping we’ll get to come to your place tonight. If we do I’ll bring my only remaining puppy. :'(

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