Puppy Diary Series

“Wait, Dassah actually wrote a blog post? Say what!?”

You’ve inspired me, Daddy.

But to the point:

As many of you know, Daisy is pregnant with puppies and due around August 20th. The especially fun part about this litter is that each of her puppies will have a family ready and waiting when they are born! I know how special it is to be able to get to know your puppy right from the very beginning, and so I’d like to closely follow this litter on the blog… diary style. Every day I’ll write about how the puppies are growing, what’s going on in their lives, who they got to meet, what new experiences they’ve had, etc. Every week I’ll post what’s been going on, with, of course and as always, lots of pictures. This series will be dedicated to my puppy families of this litter but anyone else who would like to come along for the ride is welcome.

Until puppies!

Pregnant Daisy


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