Puppy Diary Series: Week 8

This week wasn’t a diary week at all, in fact, I’ve hardly been able to tell what day it is for quite a while now. It’s been pretty nonstop around here, and I’m just getting to sit down to this now. So for some highlights of the puppies’ eighth week:

  • I had an incredible little pack of children ages 3-12 following me around this week asking about the puppies: “Can hold one?” “Who is the mamma?” “Do they have homes yet?” “Who is DJ going to live with?” “How do you tell Riley and Dianna apart?” “Are they still nursing?” and on and on. I totally didn’t mind, because I love kiddos and puppies and so talking with kids about puppies is fun to me. I especially loved hearing them squeal with delight when one of the puppies ran to them and watching even tough little boys smile and giggle when they held one. There were times when I “put the puppies to bed” so they didn’t get overwhelmed, but all in all I was very pleased with how well the children/puppy experience went over the week of Sukkot.
  • This was very early in the week, but the puppies are on completely dry food now, besides a little bit of coconut oil or buttermilk every few days. Their teeth are coming in full force!
  • We moved back into my room on Sunday which was great because it gives the puppies a lot more room to run around as they’re getting bigger and more active. Instead of using the playpen to contain them, I simply barred my bedroom doorway with it, and so they have the run of the place.
  • My brother opened the window for them on a warm day, and they absolutely loved that. Anything new or different is so fascinating to them, and they’re an easy bunch to please. Riley found a cloth coaster on the floor one morning and played with it for a half hour! I have to be really careful with puppy proofing these days, which includes watching out for the wooden legs of my nightstand and tying up the floor-length curtains.
  • They’re also doing great with the potty pad, which is a lifesaver on rainy or chilly days.
  • They all got their first baths! With all the outdoor playtime they’ve been having, getting dirty was inevitable, especially since their hair is getting longer and fluffier by the day. Douggie just barely fit in the bathroom sink. 😉 They each loved their towel cuddle time afterward.
  • I have yet to know a Havanese who loves the bathing experience, but when you get them used to it from a young age they can learn to appreciate the grooming process. I went after each of them with a comb before their baths, and it was just like a very thorough back scratch to them. I’m pretty sure DJ even fell asleep… but I don’t have a picture because my hands were full of comb and dog.

Check your google drive links for fresh pictures, and let me know if anyone needs me to resend it. 🙂 I hope each of you have a great week! I know we’re getting excited about pickup day. Looking forward to meeting you all!


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  1. AWESOME update! I love how you are descriptive with their days. Thanks so much for sharing! We are excited for pickup day as well! 🙂

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