Puppy Diary Series Week 1

Tuesday, 8.18.2020

Today was a quiet day. Usually the first week *is* quiet, praise the Father. Daisy didn’t leave her puppies once, not even to go potty. She is a very loyal and protective mother; I can’t even take pictures of the puppies without her hovering. But I’m okay with that. The family helped me come up with some temporary names for the puppies, (looking forward to hearing what their new families would like to name them!) and I’m learning to tell them apart. This is a small litter, so I should have it down pretty quickly…

Wednesday, 8.19.2020

Weighed the puppies for the first time since birth this morning. They’ve each gained about a half ounce, which is right where they should be. Typically puppies gain about an .5-1 ounce per day for the first week. Daisy finally decided she wanted to go outside for a little bit, but made it as quick of a rest stop as she could.

Thusrday, 8.20.2020

Two of the first puppies were officially chosen today. Dianna gets to go home to a an adorable little girl and Darcy to a super sweet couple. Daisy is being a great mamma, and the little family got their first visitor from a friend of mine. Daisy is wary of animals right now but still loves to show off her puppies to people!

Friday, 8.21.2020

All of the puppies are now matched with their families. I was impressed with how quickly each family made their decision, each of these puppies will be perfect for their homes.

I mentioned yesterday that Daisy is wary of other animals when she first has puppies, and to elaborate on that: She’s especially wary of one animal, my other female Zoe. Zoe has a dominant personality, and when Daisy has new puppies she wants to be all up in the action. Problem is, Daisy’s usually easygoing temperament flips 180 when she has puppies and she gets very territorial for the first few weeks, and she’s far from passive when Zoe gets close. So for now, Hun… you have to stay on the outside of the playpen. Just for a little while.

Sauturday, (Shabbat) 8.22.2020

Since I”m journaling every day for this project, there’s one thing you all need to know about the way my week goes. Every seven days, every Saturday to be exact, I sleep in. Every other day I’m up by 6, but Saturdays I’ll sleep in for as long as the puppies and my brain will let me. This morning was funny, because since the puppies are still tiny they don’t need much from me right now. So, after I let Zoe and Oliver out of their crate and outside, I decided to go back to bed. But then they wanted up on the bed with me. (not because they’re used to it or anything) Daisy, however, is in my room with the puppies and would get upset if Zoe were free in there too. So I ended up crashing out on the couch with my two adult dogs, giving them the snuggles they obviously feel entitled to… and left Daisy her precious peace and quiet. And no, I’m not posting a picture.

Later, the puppies got a visit from some sweet friends. Meet Jaiden, who originally and accurately coined the term “jelly bean stage” describing the first week to ten days of every puppy’s existence.

Sunday, 8.23.2020

Today was a quiet day. The puppies are all doing great, and are weighing in consistently as they grow almost an ounce a day. Daisy gets extra treats and always has dry food available right now as she’s nursing… and as always it’s doing the trick. Look at the pudge.

Monday 8.24.2020

Daisy came out to play today and I decided to give her a nice after-birth bath. I think she appreciated it. 🙂 Speaking of baths, today I also got a new brand of flea repellent that I’m excited about trying out. A few people have recommended it to me and I’m hoping it keeps critters off the dogs and puppies for the rest of this season. Tennessee ticks and fleas are hard to beat, and even some of the high dollar name brand collars were jokes. I love that the ingredients in this one are simple and natural, especially for use around the puppies. We’ll see how it does!

A quiet, simple week for the puppies first is always a good thing. Next week we can start watching for the puppies to open their eyes and take in the world around them!


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