Puppy Diary Series: Day 1

Daisy had her puppies last night!

Monday 8.17.2020

The morning started out with Daisy whining and scratching at the bedroom door, why? Because in the week before giving birth Daisy always heads for one specific place: the cozy, dark, storage drawer beneath my little sister’s bed. She loves it in there, and even hid one of her puppies there one time.

Once I realized that she was acting “close” I decided to give her a bath and a trim before the puppies came. She was chipper through the whole process and was content as long as I stayed near her.

Soon I got her settled in her bed where she’s supposed to have her puppies. I had to set up the playpen to keep here there.

I kept checking on her throughout the afternoon, and could tell how close she was getting by how much attention she craved. She would have absolutely had her puppies in my lap if I had let her, she wanted to be that close. So I stayed with her all afternoon as she labored.

We had some friends over for the afternoon, and this sweet little girl helped distract and encourage Daisy as well.

Labor was long as it often is before the first puppy comes. At a little after 8:30 pm she finally had her first little boy!

After that, the rest came smoothly every 45-60 minutes. So smoothly, in fact, that I fell asleep and missed the birth of #3 completely. By that time Daisy was absorbed in her little family and didn’t even notice I wasn’t watching. The last puppy was born at 10:45 pm and everyone had a much needed night of sleep.

So now it’s my pleasure to introduce to you DJ, Doug, Darcy, and Dianna. Don’t laugh, but you may smile. Thank you.

They each weigh a little over a half a pound, and because it’s a small litter they are all very close in size. There is no runt in this litter, but I’ll still be watching and weighing them every day this week to make sure they’re gaining as they should. I’m looking forward to talking with each puppy family and helping them decide which puppies are theirs this week too! I know as well as anyone there’s a time and a purpose in every season, but puppy seasons are my favorite.

Have a wonderful week!


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