Daisy and Oliver's 2021 Litter
Zoe's Box of Chocolates (Spring 2021)
Daisy and Oliver's Litter {Fall 2020}
Zoe and Oliver's Litter {Spring 2020}
Daisy and Oliver's Litter {Winter 2019}
Zoe and Oliver's 2019 Litter
Daisy and Charley's 2019 Litter
Daisy and Oliver's Litter {Spring 2018}
<p>This is Daisy's first litter! 9 week pics, credits: DreamJar Photography. </p>
Zoe and Oliver's Litter {Spring 2018}
<p>8 week pics, credits: DreamJar Photography</p>
Zoe and Oliver's Litter {Spring/Summer 2017}
Zoe and Oliver's Litter {Summer 2016}
<p>Zoe's very first litter. </p>
Forever Families
<p>People that adopt puppies from my litters become like members of the family; not only to their new puppy but also to me. I love to hear from them and am always here to answer questions and concerns if needed. </p>
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