If you’ve read “About Havanese”, you now know a little background of the breed that I raise. Now I can introduce you to my sire and dams, who all have full time careers being awesome family pets, and are the best of friends! My parent dogs are each registered with the American Kennel Club and United All Breeds, as well as having champion ancestors.

Harmony’s Zealous Zoe

This is one of my females, Zoe. She is such a sweetie. I love her eyes…they are so pretty! She is very loyal to me, and likes to follow me everywhere I go. She usually falls asleep in my lap when I comb her hair and is very agreeable at grooming time. She is extremely intelligent, understanding almost everything I say to her, and she is quick to obey. Her personal temperament is cautious and watchful yet sweet, it must be the mama in her. She is not quick to trust a stranger and she does have her preferences with some people. She will alert us if something is out of order, but responds very well to learning when it is appropriate and not appropriate to bark. This actually makes her our best watch dog. Her hair color is a good example of the variety a Havanese coat can have. She had a lot of dark brown and black, believe it or not, when she was younger, and it grew out to a beautiful light tan with cute dark ears and nose. It has a tendency to grow quickly, but not be as thick as some. She weighs about 13 pounds.

Harmony’s Oliver Wendell Douglass

My sire is a black and white Parti-Belton; Oliver. He is such a lover! Every chance he gets, he is up in someone’s lap or at their feet, curled up in a ball. He loves to play, too, and has a very light heart and temperament. He is my peppy puppy. He loves to be the center of attention! He loves to ride in the car, go new places, and meet new people and dogs. He gets along with everybody and steals the hearts of everyone whom he comes in contact with. He is the type of dog that leans into you and is happy to give you his belly when he comes for a snuggle. His coat is super thick, fluffy and soft. He weighs about 9 pounds.


Harmony’s Daisy Starr

Daisy is a chocolate, silver, and white tri-color. Her hair is super soft and on the curly side. She’s definitely my extrovert, always the life of the party. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. Children adore her and she will let anyone pick her up, often standing on her hind legs begging to be. She is very smart and enjoys doing fun commands like “Gimme five!”. She loves car rides and meeting new people and animals. Daisy likes a good nap too, though. If ever I don’t know where she is I’m sure to find her curled up under a table or on someone’s bed, fast asleep. Daisy weighs approximately 9 pounds.


Harmony’s Good Boy Charley

The most recent addition to the family is Charley, an adorable chocolate parti-color from Zoe and Oliver’s first litter. He lives with my grandma, and since she lives very close by, I get to see him often. Since he is so closely related to Zoe, he gets to be Daisy’s beau. He loves the rest of the pack too, and really enjoys visits with his dog pals. Charley loves romping, car rides, adventure and learning new things. He (like every Havanese) thrives on routine, and loves to go for his daily walks. Charley is smart, well-trained, and always aims to please. Like his mom he can be shy at first encounter, but warms up quickly and is very gentle with children. He weighs about 13 lbs.

My sires and dams are the best of friends, and they do everything together. I love to watch them play together and with other dogs that come to visit. While my dames are the puppies’ main caregiver, Oliver also checks on them and watches after them. It is a really neat thing to see. The combination of these dogs in personality, temperament and physical traits are making wonderful puppies to pass on to others for many litters to come. I am very pleased with my puppies’ parents!