I woke up this morning to a pair of tiny paws on my chest and intent green eyes staring into mine. I promptly rolled over and buried my head in my pillow to try and get a few more minutes of sleep, but that only caused Daisy to let out her cutest little bark and start pawing at my back. I flipped over again and sat up to give her that morning attention she so obviously craved. Not until I scratched her and talked to her for over a minute was she happy to get up and let me do the same. She didn’t want breakfast, or to go outside… she just simply wanted to enjoy that one-on-one time with me.

Daisy was on a mission. Nothing was going to distract her from getting my attention, and she certainly was giving me all of hers. (Something tells me you know where I’m going with this…)

How many of us can say we are this intent on spending one-on-one time with our heavenly Father in the morning? I know I couldn’t until recently… I was queen of being distracted: whether it be by the rest of my family stirring, projects I had laid down the night before, catching up on social media outlets, or even just my own thoughts running through my head.

Not too long ago, however, He gave me that craving to be with him first thing. I would have always told you that I put my Father before anything else… but there came a time when he asked me “Are you really?” and he helped me see how much I could grow in this area. I admit it took sort of a culmination of promptings, but once I really made this commitment to him my walk really turned around for the better. I hadn’t realized how much I was missing out on!

Giving away our firsts is all over the Bible. From tithing to the first-fruits offerings of harvests and animals; from Abraham being willing to offer his son to our Father himself offering his firstborn son on our behalf. It makes so much sense to me to show him how much I appreciate that sacrifice by giving him myself completely in return… starting with the very first moments of each new day.

I’ve noticed quite a few ways that putting the Father first in the morning has in turn blessed me. It helps me get out of bed on the right side, gain a peace that lasts through the rest of the day, order my priorities, release any stress I may have about upcoming events, and receive guidance about even the little daily issues that come along. It’s given me a renewed sense of his closeness throughout the day, and helps me keep a clear a conscience knowing that “the effective prayer of a righteous person has great power”. James 5:16  It puts me in the habit of going to him first when I need help instead of trying to figure it out on my own. His guidance has never failed me, but he wants me to prove I want it by going to him first, asking him for it, and truly listening for his response.